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Model 21 Lashes review

Hey lovelies today I am going to be doing my review for the Model 21 Lashes  that the company sent me to review. Even though they were sent to me this is my full opinion and I am not holding back. So after all that is said I received the No. 19 Combo in the mail about a week to a week in a half ago. They were received only a couple days after the email said they were sent out so they had very speedy shipping.


            The package came in perfect condition especially compared to how the ebay ones come and it is actually very appealing and the art is amazing.

                                       So when I opened it this is how it looked. You get 5 different number lashes which are (from top to bottom) 2T, 40T,19T,63,3T. Each of those have 2 pairs each which equals to 10 pair of lashes.

       So far I have tried the 2T, 3T, and the 19T. I got to say I love these lashes, they are very natural looking and good for everyday. I especially love the small band they have because I know the Ebay ones have a huge band which makes them very difficult to put on and keep on, but these have been the easiest lashes to put on for me. They also do not make your eyelid feel heavy and at times I forgot I had them on. I do wish they had a few more dramatic styles but the ones in here are good for people who like more natural. While wearing these I got so many compliments and some people even thought they were real. All in all I will be buying from this company again and I hope to see more styles because these are such nice lashes!!

                                     Here are a few pics of the 19T ones I wore today.

                                                       Have a nice day everyone!!!



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